ABSOLUT - ABSOLUT100 //Branded Content/Brand Experience/Digital

ABSOLUT100 is the highlight of our year long ABSOLUT Nights program. 100 simultaneous user-created parties in 100 different cities across China. We offered people total creative freedom. This meant that those who submitted their night alternative NYE night plan in order to win a 10K RMB sponsorship, could create their own ABSOLUT Posters for their event. We encouraged them to unleash their imagination unhinged by corporate identity rules. Some misspelled the brand name in their enthusiasm and their artwork was still allowed. 

To attract more buzz, we launched a UGC activation related to our iconic bottle. Visitors could generate in a widget on the website a personalized bottle wrap design, featuring an accurate vector map of their city, and their chose keyword to best describe their local nightlife.  

Date: December 2018 / Client: ABSOLUT Vodka / Role: Sr. Copywriter: Jing Zhu, Copywriter: Anabelle Xie, Art Directors: Lihan Zhang, Chenmiao Liang, Andrey Frolov, Chelsea Chen, Head of Copywriting: Jason “JC” Chen, Head of Art: Buboy Paguyo, ECD: Mihai / URL: www.tomorrowchina.com/#cases-absolut-100 /