Hospice Casa Sperantei - See Beyond the ICU//Digital/Social

As Romania was being fully impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals across the country scrambled to make more ICU beds available. So they proceeded to send home hundreds of terminally-ill patients without a care plane and without treatment. Hospice Casa Sperantei, the leading NGO offering palliative care, needed to raise awareness to this dramatic issue and convince people to donate in a moment when everybody was only paying attention to COVID-19. We created a series of 360-degree photos and posted them on Facebook inviting everyone to rotate the image so they could see thus beyond the freshly made available ICU beds and discover the stark reality of the abandoned terminally-ill cancer patients.

Date: June 2021 / Client: Hospice Casa Sperantei / Role: ECD: Mihai Gongu, AD: Victor Trifan / URL: www.hospice.ro/ /