BURBERRY - Chinese Valentine's Day - #MyLoveMyWay //Social Experiment/Film Content

This campaign is Burberry's first locally conceived and locally produced campaign for the Chinese market. We launched with a teaser film in which the brand ambassador, award-winning actress Zhou Dongyu, embarked on a quest to capture the essence of true love. She met several senior couples who have been in love for decades, and learned about their view on true love.

In a very truthful manner, we have unearthed authentic stories of everlasting love. Consumer reactions have been overwhelmingly positive, a testament to the power of emotional storytelling and local relevance. After the conversation was ignited on social media, we revealed the core of the campaign: a four-episode series about the contemporary manifestations of true love.

We selected the strongest statements from our senior couples and set out to show in our series that these quotes are still very much relevant to the new types of love which make hearts skip a beat in contemporary Chinese society.

Starring celebrities Zhou Dongyu and Ying Fang, and shot by director Zhao Dan from Nowness, each episode gives a fresh interpretation to the emotional statements made in the teaser film. Entitled “Pet Love”, “Self Love”, "Idol Love" and “Distant Love” the films invite Chinese youth to proudly share their own personal interpretation of true love with the hashtag #MyLoveMyWay.

Date: August 2019 / Client: Burberry / Role: Sr. Copywriter: Jing Zhu Copywriter: Anabelle Xie Art Directors: Lihan Zhang, Chenmiao Liang Head of Copywriting: Jason “JC” Chen, ECD: Mihai Gongu / URL: campaignbriefasia.com/2019/07/24/tomorrow-shanghai-creates-a-four-episode-series-about-the-contemporary-manifestations-of-true-love-for-burberry-for-chinese-valentines-day/ /