Ballentine's - Back On Stage //Branded Entertainment

How do we enable music lovers to experience Ballantine's 'True Music' promise? Our strategy was to substantiate our trueness proposition by walking the talk. To achieve this, we set out to recreate the emotion and closeness of intimate live music and capture that authenticity on film and share it with our audience in social. 

We teamed up with three iconic bands representing different genres relevant for our target: Sunset Rollercoaster, Higher Brother and HYUKOH, and organized "Back on Stage, a series of one-of-a-kind mini lives designed as emotional returns to the places which defined each of their career.

To gain more visibility we partnered with STAGE, an IP under NetEase who documented and broadcasted each event, bringing the authenticity also to the fans at home. Total viewership reached 41.1M offering allowing us to connect with a larger audience.

Date: April 2019 / Client: Ballentine's / Role: Sr. Copywriter: Jing Zhu, Copywriter: Anabelle Xie, Art Directors: Lihan Zhang, Chenmiao Liang, Head of Copywriting: Jason “JC” Chen, ECD: Mihai Gongu / URL: /